The Mangaloma Reserve exist since 20 years and has an extension of 200 hectares. It is part of the last 700 hectares of primary tropical forest in the Pedro Vicente Maldonado region. It is located at the western foothills of the Andean Mountain Range, in the Province of Pichincha, Ecuador. Its altitude levels range from 700 to 900 m.a.s.l.

This protected area is part of the Chocó Region, which extends from Colombia to the northwest of Ecuador. It is well known for its high biodiversity and for the important number of endemic species. Being at immediate threat, this region is considered as a “hot spot”.

La Reserva Mangaloma se distingue especialmente por su diversidad de avifauna. Existen más de 290 especies de aves identificadas, entre las cuales sobresalen el Tayucero (Neomorphus radiolosus) y el pájaro paraguas (Cephalopterus radiolosus), especies seriamente amenazadas.